Where Did Kratom Come From?

Many know about the effects of Kratom on the user and they want to know a bit more about the past of it. Where did it come from and what it does, how it works and how someone would take it. While most of that information can be found in other areas, this is where you can find a quick start guide for those that want to learn more about Kratom and what comes with it. It is important to have this information handy so that you can better understand the supplement and all that comes with it.

Where it Comes From

Kratom is a tree that can be found in the rainforest areas of Southeast Asia. It is primarily found in Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The Kratom powder or the extracts that someone would take comes from the leaves of this tree. It has a botanical name – Mitragyna speciosa. In the same family as the coffee tree, it provides the same type of genetic makeup. The leaves have always been used as a herbal or natural drug in many of the tribes, as with the people of the areas. It is used as a stimulant at the very low doses, or a sedative at higher doses, depending on the need. It can also be used for removing pain and treatment for an opiate addiction.

Many people found that Kratom is an effective method for reducing symptoms and pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome. This is something that has not been proven through research and studies, though.

How Kratom is Taken

Usually, when it is used in the region it is from, the leaves are chewed fresh from the trees. This is done after removing the central vein from the middle of the leaves. The leaves that have been dried from the trees can be chewed or crunched up and then added to things that the user ingests.

Now when purchasing off of the market, the user would normally purchase powder. This powder can then be mixed with many different types of drinks to create a better taste since the leaves of this tree are bitter and can leave a bad taste in the mouth. Chocolate milk, juice, teas and other items can hide the taste of the Kratom. Usually, smoothies and other nutritious drinks can be made with Kratom in them.

A paste can also be made with the powder. This can easily be placed in the mouth and then swallowed with some water. The powder or paste can be mixed with yogurt or applesauce. Capsules and tinctures are sold with the product in them, which makes it easier for some to take the product when they cannot get over the bitter taste that comes with the product. Dried leaves of the product can be placed in hot water and then strained out to create a hot tea.

Some feel that smoking it is a good choice, but this is not something that provides the user with the optimal results of the product. The person should always ingest the product instead of smoking it, as it is much more effective this way than the first.

There are many ways that a person is able to take the Kratom that they find themselves finding different ways to take the product or make things from it. With this in mind, many people can now find relief for many different symptoms or conditions that they are going through. Make sure to find out whether or not Kratom is the best product for you to go with. Find the way to take it that works for you and know that the Kratom you get should be high-quality powder from a reputable seller.

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