Prolonged Kratom Usage Effects

There are always going to be prolonged effects from using any supplement on the market. This is something to think about when it comes to using Kratom. You want to make the most of what is being provided, but you always want to ensure that you’re using the product as safely as possible. This means finding out the long-term effects that might occur after using Kratom for an extended period of time.

Tolerance Levels

The tolerance levels that you started off with are not going to stay the same for the length of time that you use the product. You may find yourself needing more and more in order to get the same benefits that you once got. This, of course, will come with extended, everyday use.


Kratom can be addictive when you use it on a regular basis and start taking too much of it. This is why it is important that Kratom is only used for the medical and other benefits that it provides. When used correctly, the product is able to deliver the best results without having you become addicted to it.


Withdrawals can happen from the product with extended use. When you use the product almost every day and then you stop using it for some time, the body will want to continue to use the Kratom, even if you don’t need it. This is something to think about, as the body will end up going through some withdrawal symptoms.

Weight Loss

Weight loss has been associated with the use of Kratom, though some use the product for this specific purpose. It is something that can help them shed those pounds and become lighter and more comfortable with their own bodies. However, when the Kratom is not stopped, the weight loss can continue.

Darkened Skin

Darkened skin, especially in the face is sometimes noticed with those that have used Kratom for an extended period of time. It is also a side effect that is listed with the product. It is not harmful but it is noticed in some that do use the product on a regular basis.

Interactions with Other Medications

When taking Kratom, it is important to note that you shouldn’t use other medications while on it. This is because it can interact with them causing problems with the liver and other organs in the body. To reduce the chances of having adverse reactions to the product, you should always consider not using the Kratom while on other medications of any kind.


It has been found in some that psychosis can happen with extended periods of use. The person would have to use the product for a long time, at high doses and continue to use it. Due to this, the chemicals in the brain are damaged and this can cause psychosis, though it is a rare side effect that is seen in some that have a dependency on multiple drugs and supplements.

Choose to move forward with the Kratom that works the best for you but always know that the amount and frequency that you use the product should be monitored to reduce the chances of having any of these side effects that come with long-term use. Kratom is a great product for using with many different symptoms but it is not a product that is recommended for high exposure and long-term use.

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