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History and Characteristics

Super Green Malay Kratom originates from Malaysia, where people have been enjoying its benefits for centuries.  Using the term “super” is not just for dramatic effect.  Whenever you see the word “super” in front of a Kratom product, this means the particular strain is very potent and high quality.

The leaves of the Kratom plant are separated from the stems, and in powder form it has a high concentration of alkaloids.  Finally, “green” means it contains a wide variety of effects.

Super Green Malay even functions as a strong anti-oxidant, and it is used to fight damaged cells and increase immunity.  This is a great strain to use before going on a long trip.

The leaves are typically oval and dark green, ranging from 100-180 mm in width and length.  The veins are usually greenish-red or greenish-white.

Vein Color Types

There are three main vein color types for every strain of kratom: red, white, and green. Each color tends to have certain general properties.

Red Vein Kratom

Reddish vein kratom is one of the most famous as a result of the natural inclination toward higher amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine, which results in remarkable pain-killing effects.

White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom is best known for its ability to give a great energy boost. Many users take this type of kratom instead of coffee for their morning pick-me-up.

Green Vein Kratom

Green kratom combines the effects of the red and white vein varieties, but is not as strong in either its energy boosting or pain relieving effects.

Kratom Forms

There are many different ways to use kratom. You can use the leaves directly, in powder form, infusion/extract, and in capsule forms.

Using Kratom Leaves Directly

Kratom is a native of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and adjoining regions. These regions are naturally abundant by Kratom growing. Kratom leaves are easily accessible for the locals of these areas. A direct and handiest approach to use kratom is to chew the leaves. It’s an authentic and traditional method to achieve the gains. Direct mastication causes extraction of varied alkaloids of kratom without wasting any.

 Using Kratom Powder

Kratom leaves are processed and converted to fine powder by grinding. This grinding is finished after making the leaves dry in sunlight. The powder can be found in two types.

-Fine powder
-Crushed leaves

Selecting which one you like best is a personal choice, as they both have the same effects.

Kratom infusion/extract

Kratom infusion is an increased-potency type of kratom. It’s a procedure in which substantial kratom leaves and boiling water are combined for alkaloid extraction. The follow up procedure is evaporation which excludes the additional water, leaving behind the heavy paste of kratom. The intent of making kratom infusion would be to get an abundant alkaloid merchandise. The infusion is a type of blackish raisin. It may be solid or semisolid.

A high quality infusion has a maximum amount of kratom alkaloids i.e. mitragynine, 7 hydroxymitragynine, and mitraphylline, which are restored in little bits of infusion. Because of this, it’s usually called Full Spectrum Kratom Extract.

Kratom Capsules

As with other dietary supplements, kratom powder is, in addition, accessible in supplement form. A standard amount of kratom powder is set inside a capsule. It’s simple to consume and gets consumed instantly. Using a Kratom capsule is simple for dosage computation. All the capsules in a single bottle/packet have exactly the same potency. So you can easily place a dose with them.

Super Green Malay Benefits

The effects of Malaysian kratom are amongst the most versatile of all the strains.
Below are the main benefits of using Super Green Malay.


The energy effects of this strain do not come all at once.  Instead, it is a slow build up, and is described as smooth and balanced.  At higher doses, Malasian kratom is very energetic, and then it slowly decreases into a relaxing sedation.  So, if you want to take this strain only for a boost in energy, it is recommended that you start with a smaller dose.

Nootropic Properties

Super Green Malay increases focus and mental acuity, and mental energy.

Pain Relief

This is another great strain for people that want pain relief without loss of energy.

Stress Relief

This strain is most effective a stress reliever.  Many users have reported great success when using the strain for social anxiety.

Mood Enhancement

This strain has both mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, making it ideal for a quick mood boost.

Side Effects

The main side effect for this strain is stomach discomfort if taken at high doses.


Typical usage ranges from about 2-6 grams.

If you slowly increase dosage of Green Malay Kratom, you will increase the effects.

Green Malay Kratom takes longer than other strains to take effect. Most users start to feel its effects about two hours after using it. It’s one of the longest lasting strains of kratom. In small doses users experience more energy, and increasing the dosage creates a more sedative-like effect.


Super Green Malaysian offers a moderate blend of the alkaloids such as 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine.  None of the alkaloids are present in high amounts, but the mental boosting ones are slightly more prevalent when compared with similar strains.

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