Morning Glory Seeds

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Disclaimer: The product description below describes the historical and spiritual uses of this botanical product within its native origin.

Morning glory seeds, botanically named, Ipomoea Violacea, goes back to the late colonial period. Native to Mexico, it was historically used for two primary purposes. It was used medicinally for their healing properties and to commune with the gods. The shaman would give to the afflicted person or person who wanted communion with the gods and they would experience healing and prophecy. They would combine morning glory with tobacco leaf to form a paste which was smeared on the infected body parts to relieve the pain.

Our Morning Glory Seeds, along with all of our ethnobotanicals, are sourced from only reputed cultivators and stored with freshness in mind.

Our products are not approved for human consumption or internal use. Ingestion or inhalation of this product can cause bodily harm and injury. Health Canada has not approved this product for human use. This product is sold for botanical and aromatic purposes only.

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