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Red Maeng Da History and Characteristics

Maeng Da (which translates to “Pimp”) kratom is a famous strain known for its potency as well as it’s ability give pain relief without the effects of fatigue while also providing mood enhancement.
Maeng Da originated from Thailand. It was named after a water bug called Lethocerus Indicus, which is known locally as a delicacy. Maeng Da when translated from Thai means “Pimp,” which is why some call the potent kratom variant as “Pimp Grade”. A little known fact about Maeng Da Kratom is that it is a genetically modified version of the said herbal tree in Thailand. It is also known to contain more alkaloid over its original counterpart.

This modification allows the said Mitragyna Speciosa variant to have a more stable development during environmental factors such as weather or seasonal changes. Maeng Da can also be easily distinguished by its darker leaves, which in turn become greener when crushed or powdered. Its extracts are known to contain more beneficial active compounds than other variants, although there aren’t an acceptable number of studies to support this claim.

The various types of Maeng Da have different effects.  Compared to regular leaf kratom, the white Maeng Da effects will be faster, red Maeng Da will produce a stronger mood enhancement, and the green Maeng Da is best if you want energy and an elevated mood at the same time.

Something unique to this plant, in comparison to a number of other medicinal plants, is the distinct differences of vein colour; which has accompanying effects and growing states. While each vein colour will really have a unique group of effects that may provide clues to the effects the pull has.

Nevertheless, there are a few minor exceptions, particularly when coping with tensions with a less balanced alkaloid profile including Thai, or Borneo forms which on the whole supply a kratom encounter that’s stimulating or sedating, respectively.

Vein Color Types

There are three main vein color types for every strain of kratom: red, white, and green. Each color tends to have certain general properties.

Red Vein Kratom

Reddish vein kratom is one of the most famous as a result of the natural inclination toward higher amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine, which results in remarkable pain-killing effects.

White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom is best known for its ability to give a great energy boost. Many users take this type of kratom instead of coffee for their morning pick-me-up.

Green Vein Kratom

Green kratom combines the effects of the red and white vein varieties, but is not as strong in either its energy boosting or pain relieving effects.

Kratom Forms

There are many different ways to use kratom. You can use the leaves directly, in powder form, infusion/extract, and in capsule forms.

Using Kratom Leaves Directly

Kratom is a native of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and adjoining regions. These regions are naturally abundant by Kratom growing. Kratom leaves are easily accessible for the locals of these areas. A direct and handiest approach to use kratom is to chew the leaves. It’s an authentic and traditional method to achieve the gains. Direct mastication causes extraction of varied alkaloids of kratom without wasting any.

Using Kratom Powder

Kratom leaves are processed and converted to fine powder by grinding. This grinding is finished after making the leaves dry in sunlight or mechanically. The powder can be found in two types.

-Fine powder
-Crushed leaves

A selection from both is a private choice. Both are equally valuable and helpful for private use. Here at Golden Monk Kratom, We stock only the highest quality, fine, milled kratom powder available on the market.

Kratom infusion/extract

Kratom infusion is an increased-potency type of kratom. It’s a procedure in which substantial kratom leaves and boiling water are combined for alkaloid extraction. The follow up procedure is evaporation which excludes the additional water, leaving behind the heavy paste of kratom. The intent of making kratom infusion would be to get an abundant alkaloid merchandise. The infusion is a type of blackish raisin. It may be solid or semisolid.

A high quality infusion has a maximum amount of kratom alkaloids i.e. mitragynine, 7 hydroxymitragynine, and mitraphylline, which are restored in little bits of infusion. Because of this, it’s usually called Full Spectrum Kratom Extract.

Kratom Capsules

As with other dietary supplements, kratom powder is, in addition, accessible in supplement form. A standard amount of kratom powder is set inside a capsule. It’s simple to consume and gets consumed instantly. Using a Kratom capsule is simple for dosage computation. All the capsules in a single bottle/packet have exactly the same potency. So you can easily place a dose with them.

Maeng Da Benefits

Maeng Da has a very high, pure quality to it.  So it is easy to blend with other strains of kratom.


Maeng Da kratom is a strong mood enhancer.  It has the power to put the user in a more positive mental state.  Depending on the dosage, users feel content, or even euphoric.  This strain can help anyone who is having a bout of depression or has lost motivation in their life.  Maeng Da will work to make you more enthusiastic, and your enjoyment of everyday activities will increase.  The strain reacts with dopamine neurotransmitters, and so it acts as a natural drug that can fight depression.


Maeng Da is one of the most energizing strains of kratom.  Many people use this strain to help them focus while studying or to be more productive at work.  At lower dosages, Maeng Da is energizing, but at higher doses, it works as a sedative.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief is a major reason why Maeng Da is so popular. It’s a strong natural drug that can be used in place of something like morphine.  Many people claim that this strain has similar effects of morphine and oxycodone while having none of the side effects.


Because Maeng Da Kratom is known to be the strongest strain, you should take less than its counterparts. For example, if the recommended dosage for Red Vein Bali or White Indo kratom Extract is at 5 grams, Maeng Da Kratom should be taken at 4 grams or less to achieve its full effects.

Consumption that is over this recommended amount may result in developing the mentioned side effects, and since Maeng Da can stay longer in your system for as much as 8 hours, it is best to take precautions first, and follow the guided dosage.


Maeng Da Kratom has several major alkaloids, including mitraphylline, mitragynine, 7-hyrdoxymitragynine and especially mitragynine.  These alkaloids are what give the strain its unique effects.

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