A Review of Madam Kratom

History of Madam Kratom

This company has been around in Canada for a long time. Starting back in 2011, Madam Kratom opened their doors and began building their company. Like most companies, this vendor started out small and slowly built up their business by word of mouth. Based out of Montreal Quebec, Madam Kratom imports their kratom from an independent supplier in Indonesia.

Types of Kratom Available

The selection of kratom this vendor offers is a decent enough. The strains available are well renown over the internet and it is always good to offer a few good products rather then many poor ones. Listed on their website are the following:

Probably the most popular products from any kratom supplier would be the different variety packs. You can mix and match any strains to get the ones you like best. They have available a 300g, 400g, 600g and a 1000g bundles.

Product Pricing

When looking at all of Madam Kratoms different products, they have a few different price points.

Hulu kratoms start at $9.50 for 25g and $145.00 per Kilo. The Next step up is the Maeng Da strains starting at $11.95 for 25g and $159.95 per kilo. Lastly the Horn strains start at $13.45 for 25g and $179.95 for a kilo.

One of the major downsides is that depending on what kratom and size you order, the prices can be all over the place. When selecting the different strains in a custom variety pack, you will see that the price isn’t the price at all. Each strain that you can choose from, will increase the cost of the pack. Be sure you know what you want to buy as mix and matching can turn out to be very pricy. Even the strains that are supposed to be the same price, end up costing more.

Shipping Options and Payment Methods

After you have put all of your products in your cart and go to the checkout, you will need to enter in your billing and shipping information. Once this is complete, you will get to select your shipping options. The choices you have are the following;

  • Letter Mail – all order qualify for free shipping with this option. However, delivery times may take anywhere from 3-30 days. This option also is without a tracking number.
  • Xpress Post Upgrade – You have the option of upgrading to Xpress Post for free if your order is over $80. All orders under this price point will have to pay $13 for this upgrade.
  • Priority Shipping with Purolator – Sometimes you just need your order delivered faster. Any size order can be shipped with Priority for $30. Keep in mind that this is not a next day service. Priority shipping with Canada Post may only be 1 day faster opposed to Xpresspost.

Payment options are a bit limited. Most customers will choose the main option of paying with Interact e-Transfer or by using their Cash on Delivery option. Keep in mind that paying for your order at the post office adds an additional $5 to your order total.

Madam Kratom Coupon Codes and Discounts

When it comes to ordering anything online, its always great to be able to get a deal on your purchase. Unfortunately, Madam Kratom Coupons are hard to come by. However, there is a points program that allows you to get 5% on future orders. Cleverly, they have named their rewards points MadamMoney. Points are acquired automatically to your user account on their website.

Compared to other kratom vendors

Madam Kratom has no sample packs to choose from and that leaves you paying more to sample each strain. For those that want to acquire a few samples for inspection before ordering a larger amount, you probably want to search for a different supplier.

Madam Kratoms pricing is a little all over the place. Most kratom companies have a set price for their variety packs. Meaning you choose what you choose, and the price of the pack stays the same. With different costs for certain strains, no variety pack is the same nor is its price.

Madam Kratom Review Conclusion

Just because a vendor has been around a long time, doesn’t mean they are the best at what they do. Madam Kratom has an overall decent enough website and ordering isn’t very difficult. Their variety of strains is good and they keep in stock the most popular ones.

Kratom prices are a little higher but their shipping costs are decent if you order more then $80 worth at a time. The limited payment options are similar to other websites that sell kratom as well.  All of the added costs tacked onto each strain when ordering a variety pack is quite a bit disappointing.

At the end of the day, this Madam Kratom review leaves us wanting a bit more from an online vendor. In no way is this a bad company to buy from. They are known well enough and provide a decent service. There are a few things they could improve on though but for now, they are in the middle of the pack for great places to buy kratom powder in Canada.

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